Dec. 4- Walk of Lights and Groton Tree Lighting

Date: Saturday December 4th, 2021

Time: 4:15 pm

Location: Prescott Community Center, 145 Main Street, Groton MA

The ‘Walk of Lights’ and ‘Groton Community Tree Lighting’ celebrate the beauty of light in our diverse faith traditions.  On Saturday, December 4th,  the celebration began on the sidewalk in front of Prescott Community Center

Volunteers offered battery-operated candles for the ‘Walk of Lights’ down Main Street to the Groton Tree (near Filho’s Cucina).  Celebrants brought lamps or luminaries from their own faith traditions and spontaneous carols were heard among the cheerful banter as the assembly made their way through the village center.

The lighting of our Groton tree has both religious and non-religious significance, as the tree is a symbol with many meanings in a variety of cultures.   Each year, the Groton Interfaith Council honors a citizen or group of citizens by asking them to be the honorary tree lighters, an honor bestowed because they have made significant contributions to the town.  This year we honored Bob and Sue Lotz by asking them to light the tree.

Susan & Bob were chosen as honorees for their work to further community building. Their recent creation of the Social Justice Trust Fund through the Groton Commissioners of Trust Funds (working with Karen Tuomi) expands their commitment to support an inclusive community with equal opportunities and privileges for all residents of Groton. Bob once stated regarding his work to found (along with Claire Macy) the Groton Neighbors organization, “…to create a village – a non-profit, membership organization to help seniors stay in their homes and stay engaged with the community as they grow older.” They both support social justice and a strong helpful community.

Thank you, Susan and Bob for your many contributions to the ‘village’ of Groton.